Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Julia von Boehm, s'il vous plaît

After reading an article about fashion stylist Julia von Boehm (see it here), I was intrigued by the way she described her beauty philosophy.

von Boehm

From the article: 
At first glance, you’d notice the fashion ... but look closer and you’ll find lit-from-within skin, subtly defined eyes, and the ideal undone updo. Von Boehm’s beauty philosophy is simple: “perfect imperfection,” tempered by effortless Parisian sensuality, she says. “Dark eye shadow that looks like it’s lived already, that it’s from the night before. Same for the hair—this slept-in look.”
Since it seems like she is drawn to the same personal look that I am, I went about searching for what her work was like. Of course, in any shoot, the stylist and photographer both deserve credit for producing a great spread, but wow. I was very impressed with Boehm's artistic eye for cut, color, and even the mood that certain pieces create. Balance that with an expert sixth sense for hair and make-up? I think I've discovered a new artist to follow.

My favorite. Really like the hair and the sharp angles of the boots.
Same dress Anne Hathaway wore to the Golden Globes ;)
Images via, Fashion Gone Rogue

Stay inspired :)

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Arash Mazinani said...

Thanks for coming through and commenting. I sometimes think magazine shoots are over styled by that I mean It's hard to see all the clothes because of the props and setting etc. I prefer to see the clothing however, van boeham does look super cool.