Monday, February 21, 2011

Hong Kong Fashion Week, Part 2

More from Hong Kong Fashion Week, as promised! These two designers are from Japan and Korea.

Unlike the Chinese designers I talked about before, Keita Maruyama (Japan) trended more toward the traditional "Asian" side, with cherry blossoms, sun parasols, sweet flirtatiousness, and shoes that were geta-inspired. I really like his touch of the flowers pinned in the hair, it slightly reminds me of Juicy Couture (sold here, but I'm sure a DIY would be easy).

Keita Maruyama

The designs are typical of Maruyama line, Keita Maruyama Tokyo Paris, which creates clothing for the everyday woman and her needs (his knitwear is very popular). As you can see, he also designs for someone dainty and petite.

Personally, I liked one of his previous collections better, everything felt more exciting and out of the ordinary (see it here). However, some critics say he has found a niche being the "practical" designer, and isn't well received when he branches out.

From the previous collection I liked better ;)

On the other hand, Doii Lee (Korea) had more contemporary, architectural designs. Most of the dresses were very structured, and played with lines and folding. I love the bows! They play off the stronger lines and sleek shininess of the fabrics very well.

Doii Lee

Doii has her own line called Doii Paris, and has shown in Seoul, Paris, and London as well as Hong Kong. Her first job was with John Galliano, which I find interesting, and she has also worked with Christian Dior and Kenzo. 

Doii Lee is extremely talented, and all of her shows are fantastic. I'll probably share more of her work later on, but here are a few more pieces:

Images via Japan Fashion Week, Hong Kong Trade Development Council/Fashion Week Hong Kong, Life Magazine, Hello Magazine, Fashion Net World

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