Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recycling, The Chic Way

Every lover of fashion has a collection of magazines (Vogue, Elle, etc) that, though lovely to look back through, usually end up collecting dust on the shelf. What better way to enjoy old editorials and ads than recycle them into new pieces of art? It's also good practice for those aspiring fashion editors and advertisers ;)

Materials needed:

Fashion magazines or print outs
Decoupage or glue (ModPodge, etc.)
Something to arrange everything on (we used a spiral-bound notebook's cover)

1) Put on some inspirational music

2) Cut out your favorite pieces, perhaps with some kind of theme in mind (these are all from Vogue)

3) Have a drink (or just some Rockstar in a martini glass) to keep the creativity flowing

4) Arrange, and glue! 


We call this one "Wonderland Exquisite"

Happy creating :)
(All images are ours)

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