Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Daze: Lonny Magazine, January/February 2011

Lonny Magazine is an online art, fashion, and design cornucopia, with spread after spread highlighting different designers' projects, personal homes, and "personal favorites" lists (a really cute touch). Plus, all 100+ pages are totally free to view! It's like getting into your favorite art museum for free.

Of course, if you want the print version, it's $35 per issue... But getting inspiration via the online issue is just fine with us :)

This issue puts a lot of focus on the latest fashion and design trend: pops of rich and/or funky colors. When balanced with luxe textures and elegant, eccentric pieces, today's design trends have never been more drool-worthy.

Jil Sanders' new show (bottom right) epitomizes the optimistic note that fashion is hitting today

Love the lavender, but the real eye-candy is Diane's damask couch (it's pink!)

Angel Dormer's apartment... a little whimsy keeps life fun

Bunny Williams' design studio... Awesome antique ceiling fixture

Purple and orange... who knew they could share the spotlight?

The vintage map seals this room as effortlessly chic

And what's cuter than teal and pink?

All images via Lonny Magazine

Stay inspired :)

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The Odd and Chic said...

The all-white room is unreal! That is my ideal living space, though because of my crazy addition to colour I would surely ruin it if I tried!